Public Water Supply District #4, Platte County, MO

229 Marshall Rd Platte City MO 64079 Ph:816-858-2782 Fx:816-858-3960 Email:

Bill payment options: 

Mail to PO Box 1940, Platte City, MO  64079

Drop box at 229 Marshall Rd, Platte City, MO  64079

Online/ACH info below

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Autopay is now available!

Download the form here-  ACH Form.pdf

Return form by Fax 816-858-3960, email, mail PO Box 1940 or drop by 229 Marshall Rd drop box.  Voided check or letter from Bank is REQUIRED.

(Deposit slip is not acceptable, applications must be received by the 15th to ensure processing for the current billing cycle.)

To pay your bill by credit/debit card:


​ 1)  service address

 2)  service I.D (account number)

 3)  the amount you want to pay


* a convenience fee will be added - $2 added to payments up               to $50 and a 4% fee is added to payments over $50

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